Monday, March 16, 2015

March loves & a few disappointments

Hello Simply Just Bricks readers Fabletics VIPs and Stitch Fix lovers!

I recently received my March Stitch Fix.  I thought to myself, this is the ONE!  Although they are all great pieces, it left something to be desired.  I'm not sure if my expectations are too high or if I need to change up my style profile.  Anyways, here they are!

1.  This dress was a perfect color for me, pattern and weight.  Super soft knit like material.  It will make a great staple in my wardrobe for casual every day or bit of a dressy event.  It's hard to find dresses when you are looking for them, so this is a keeper.  This was an item I had pinned on my board!

Ohara Faux Wrap Tie-Waist Dress
2.  This top was nice.  It was a nice casual top in a nice bright color and a dressier fabric.  I have a few tops similar to this, so it wasn't a piece that blew me away.  I returned it.

Buchanan Button Down Top
3.  This top was super cute.  Nothing similar to what I have in my closet.  The cutout detail is very cool and the fabric is light.  Perfect for summer!  Keeper!

Suder Cut Out Detail Blouse
4.  This cardigan was unfortunately just didn't fit normal??  Plus, I don't need anymore sweaters!  I'm not a huge fan of the colors in it for spring.  Just wasn't me. Returned!

Quito Open Drape Cardigan
5. The last item I didn't take a pic because I knew that it wasn't something I would keep.  It was the Hugo Rounded Arrow Bangle.  The quality just didn't seem to be equivalent to the price.  Plus, I really don't need anymore jewelry either!! lol!

What do you think?

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Fabletics for a few of the items I've recently purchased through my VIP membership!

1.  This will be my favorite summer top!  Can easily go from day to evening! 

Aruba Wrap Top II
2.  This shrug is super soft and light.  Perfect for me!  Can definitely see me lounging around in this daily!

Astoria Shrug
3.  I was skeptical about this top at first, but loved the color.  It's actually pretty cute to lounge around in.  You can reverse it as well and wear the cross over in the back.  Seems to fall off of my shoulders that way, but I like it shown below.

Switch Back Tee

Are you new to Fabletics or would like to find out more?  Comment below with your questions, or simply click the link above!

Have a great day!


  1. I LOVE THOSE BOOTS WITH THE DRESS! Where did you get them! And...I LOVE THE DRESS!

    1. Thanks Lori! They are actually wedges from TJ Maxx! Franco Sarto, one of my favorite brands!