Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stitch Fix

Today was my first delivery for Stitch Fix!  I have been waiting patiently for my box to arrive!

Have you ever heard of Stitch Fix?  I recently discovered it going around on FB as a few of my friends were trying it out and one of my favorite blogs I read has had a few posts from this summer. Want to know more, check it out here!  

Now for those of you who know me, I love my yoga pants, leggings, or comfy skinny jeans.  That was my main request that it had to be comfortable, not too dressy but still classic + a little trendy.  I think my stylist did a great job.  I also made my Pinterest board available for her to view. 

1.  Mira Skinny Pull-On Jeans.  THOSE pants, LOVE them.  So comfy.  Skinny jeans that feel like yoga pants, what else could a mom want!  Definitely a keeper!  And no, they are not Pajama jeans!  LOL!

2.  Effie Distressed Detail Red Sweater.  Very comfy!  Possibly a bit big on me.  I'm not a huge sweater person as I get too hot, but this one is very lightweight and soft.  Possibly a keeper, not quite sure.

3.  Corinna Striped Dolman top.  Super comfy, flattering and goes with so many things in my closet!  Definitely a keeper!

4.  Malynn Asymmetrical Soft Moto Vest w/zipper.  SUPER soft....where do they find these materials?!  They are awesome!  I like the shape of the vest, and it goes with a lot of things, but a bit tight under my arms.

5.  Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf.  Very soft and warm, but a bit heavy for my taste.  The colors are great, but not sure I would get that much use out of it because of the thickness.  Serious hot flashes!  (Apparently I need to dust my mirror...apologies!)

Here are some outfits I put together with things in my closet.

1.  Stitch Fix Dolman top, Stitch Fix skinny jeans, Gap booties (Color no longer available), and Gap Factory vest (similar).

2.  Stitch Fix Dolman top, Stitch Fix Moto vest, Old Navy skinnies, Maurices booties.

3.  Stitch Fix skinny jeans, Stitch Fix red sweater, JCrew vest, Aldo combat boots.

Overall, very happy with my first Fix.  They include Style cards for each item with a casual style and dressy style.  Pre-paid shipping bag is also included to send back anything you may not choose to keep.  If you choose to keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Workout Motivation

Hello!  I know I know, where have I been!!  Well today I'm here and I have some fitness motivation for you!  It motivates me anyways!

So I don't know if any of you have seen my FB posts in the past about fitness clothing, but here are a few of my favorites as well as some new finds!

1.  Fabletics

Fabletics is Kate Hudson's line of activewear.  You simply sign up as a VIP member, you'll get access to low prices and personalized outfit picks every month. You can also pick and choose what you would like to order, or simply "Skip This Month" and it's free to join? Click the link above and check it out!  Here are a few of the pieces that have been my favorites!

Gaviota Capri - No Longer Available

2.  TJ Maxx

Some brands I really love at TJs are Marika Balance Collection, Teez Her, Kyodan, Under Armour, Mondetta, 90 Degrees by Reflex.  And of course you can never go wrong with the prices at TJs!


More Stripes!
3.  Maurices

I hadn't been in Maurices for quite some time.  They recently came out with their Maurices In Motion activewear and athletic wear.  Yes, there is a difference between active and athletic.  Ask the sales associate for details if sales are going on.  What I like about the new line is they are super soft, comfy, affordable, and cute with motivation!  Here are some of my finds and other favorites.  

Who doesn't love a little Chevron!

Motivation "I CAN and I WILL, (back) Watch me"
Graphic Tee

Hope these motivate or inspire you and others around you!  Have a great day!

***These companies have no idea who I am.  Everything is my opinion.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Small Gallery Wall

Hello!  Well I've been MIA for a while! wow!  I've been traveling a bit lately!  More on that next time!  Today let's talk about gallery walls.

Target, ay yi yi, (for those Bachelor fans!) I love Target!  A trip to Target always has its perks, but also has its drawbacks.  Coffee check, Cartwheel check, 5% discount check, and just store awesomeness. Then there is the spent.  

So of course my trip to Target turned into a project.  All home decor was on sale and I fell in love with these mirrors.  I purchased these for about $8 a piece after sale and discount.  Pretty great deal!
I already knew where I would hang these mirrors when I bought them.  I have a small gallery wall in our front entry of family pics, but I needed to add something to it.  My apologies for the horrible iPad picture, but I hadn't prepared to write a post on this.  It was the only before picture I had.  And for some reason I didn't think of taking pictures before I started moving things and pounding holes! geeze woman...I know I know, plan!

I was trying to stay in the black and white theme, but the letter B is a bit more rustic since its welded.  I think the wall turned out well.  It fits the small space and adds interest.  Also, gives guests something to look into when fixing a scarf, putting on a hat, or just checking to see if they have anything stuck in their teeth!  haha!
Mirrors, and B are hung with small nails.  Canvases ( (photos courtesy of Erin Romans Photography) are hung with Command Velcro strips.
Here are some other gallery walls I have in our home.


Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five 4 Friday!!!

Yay!  It's Friday!

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!!
Here are some highlights of my week!

1.  Derek, Drew and I celebrated Valentine's Day early on Wednesday evening.  We went out for supper at our favorite restaurant in town and then dessert from the DQ! Yumm!

2.  I started blogging!!!!  YAY!!  I am so excited to start this new journey, and I'm hoping you stick around and follow me!  But, please bear with me while I figure out my groove for posting!

3.  Drew and I had fun taking photos for the blog.  So we had a mini session with just the two of us!  Such a sweet boy, I love these moments!

Do you see what I see? 
He uses the pillows on our bed as a "duck nest"
4.  Recently, I cut my hair (well my hairstylist did...) into a longer bob.  I find it's easier to take care of on an everyday basis being at home.  I liked my long hair, but I found that I didn't want to curl it every day or flat iron it because it took longer to style.  Plus, I usually didn't go anywhere so I got used to the all natural look (no makeup, hair undone, yoga pants...), which didn't make my days feel accomplished.  I have had a bob before (much shorter), so I thought I would try it again only a little longer in length.  I am loving it!  I did try curling it the other day, but I need to tweak it a bit to get the style I am going for.  What do you think??

Top | Gap on sale!
Necklace | lia sophia (retired)

5.  Drew and I will be taking a mommy/son trip to see Grandma and Grandpa in some much WARMER weather!  We are very excited! 

Do you have any getaway trips planned for warmer weather?

Backpackin' the kid!

Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome to Simply Just Bricks!

Hello!  Welcome!

Glad to have you here!  My name is Justine!

I thought I would start out with a post about myself, so you have an idea who I am and what my interests are!  Hopefully you will stay and join me on my new journey!

1.  Where are you from?
I am from a small North Dakota town and raised as a farm girl.  Lived in Nebraska with my husband, Derek, for 3 years. Moved back to ND in 2011.

2.  Why did you start a blog?
I love blogs!  I have been reading blogs for a few years now and really enjoy lifestyle, hair and beauty, and mommy blogs!  So, I started this blog to share things I love and some mommy stuff too!

3.  What college did you attend?
I attended North Dakota State University and graduated in 2006.  GO BISON!!

4.   What do I do for a living?
I am a stay at home mommy. I graduated from college with a Business Administration degree with emphasis in Human Resources. When my son, Drew, was born Derek and I decided that I would stay home with Drew.  He is now three years old and we are hoping to add to the family someday!

If there are any other questions I can answer, please either leave a comment (appropriate please) or email me at

As I get some more blog post ideas, I will hopefully get into a groove!