Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Small Gallery Wall

Hello!  Well I've been MIA for a while! wow!  I've been traveling a bit lately!  More on that next time!  Today let's talk about gallery walls.

Target, ay yi yi, (for those Bachelor fans!) I love Target!  A trip to Target always has its perks, but also has its drawbacks.  Coffee check, Cartwheel check, 5% discount check, and just store awesomeness. Then there is the wallet...money spent.  

So of course my trip to Target turned into a project.  All home decor was on sale and I fell in love with these mirrors.  I purchased these for about $8 a piece after sale and discount.  Pretty great deal!
I already knew where I would hang these mirrors when I bought them.  I have a small gallery wall in our front entry of family pics, but I needed to add something to it.  My apologies for the horrible iPad picture, but I hadn't prepared to write a post on this.  It was the only before picture I had.  And for some reason I didn't think of taking pictures before I started moving things and pounding holes! geeze woman...I know I know, plan!

I was trying to stay in the black and white theme, but the letter B is a bit more rustic since its welded.  I think the wall turned out well.  It fits the small space and adds interest.  Also, gives guests something to look into when fixing a scarf, putting on a hat, or just checking to see if they have anything stuck in their teeth!  haha!
Mirrors, and B are hung with small nails.  Canvases (mpix.com) (photos courtesy of Erin Romans Photography) are hung with Command Velcro strips.
Here are some other gallery walls I have in our home.